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The North Ridgeville Police Department is a law enforcement agency located in Lorain County, Ohio. The department is responsible for deterring crime, solving crimes in a timely manner, making local arrests, responding to calls for service and maintaining all police reports and arrest records that come through the facility. The mission of the department is to work in alliance with the community to provide professional services that enhance the quality of life in the city. The officers with the department take pride in their fair and impartial application of the law, which is administered in a caring and responsible manner.

Michael Freeman, Chief of Police

North Ridgeville Police Department
7307 Avon Belden Road
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Lorain County
Phone: 440-327-2191
Fax: 440-327-4657

Population Served: 25,000
Number of Officers: 36

All persons arrested by the North Ridgeville Police Department are transported to the Lorain County Jail. The Lorain County Jail is a minimum to maximum security facility located in Elyria, Ohio. The jail houses adult offenders who have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor or felony offenses. All inmates are either serving their sentence, awaiting trial or awaiting transfer to a state of federal prison. The jail has a medical staff, mental health staff, infirmary, on site full scale laundry facility, professional kitchen, library, maintenance and janitorial staff, chaplains and a contract commissary service. The jail has a capacity of 422 male and female inmates.

Inmates are encouraged to visit with their friends and family members while incarcerated. All visits are through a video monitoring system. Visitors can make an account on the ICSolutions website.

General Population Visitation Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 8:30 am to 11:30 am, 12:30 pm to 2 pm, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm

Isolation and medical needs pods have different visitation days and times. The visitation hours will be released by the inmate to their visiting list.

The crime rate in North Ridgeville, Ohio is 29. The overall crime rate is 9.3 times smaller than the US average. The crime rate is higher than the crime rates in 11% of all cities in the US. The annual crime rate has increased by 23% in the last year. In the last 5 years, North Ridgeville has seen a decline of both violent and property crimes. North Ridgeville has a livability score of 86/100, which is considered exceptional. North Ridgeville crime rates are 83% lower than the Ohio average.

Inmate Record Check

Mugshot, Arrests, Bookings & More

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The Lorain County Jail has a public inmate roster which is updated weekly. Inmates are listed in alphabetical order. The inmate’s name, date of birth, booking date, booking number and charges are listed on the roster.

Public police records are available through the North Ridgeville Police Department. Record requests can be submitted in person, over the phone, by mail or fax. Accident reports are available online on the Ohio Traffic Data website. A record request form is available for download. The North Ridgeville Police Department’s records unit is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 2pm. The phone number for the records unit is 440-353-0830.

All other records are available through the North Ridgeville City Government.

Inmate Record Check

Mugshot, Arrests, Bookings & More

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The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office also has jurisdiction over North Ridgeville, Ohio. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office is a law enforcement agency located in Elyria, Ohio. The office is responsible for patrolling the county, enforcing all laws, investigating crimes, servicing the courts and overseeing the county jail. The office is composed of 3 main divisions: corrections, law enforcement and K9.

The warrants division of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for processing and returning all warrants of arrest and criminal summons. The division releases criminal warrant information in person only. Proper identification is required when making an inquiry.

Neither the Lorain Police Department or the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office has a most wanted list at this time.

North Ridgeville, Ohio Information

North Ridgeville is a city located in Lorain County, Ohio. The county seat of Lorain County is Elyria. North Ridgeville is a west side suburb of Cleveland. The city covers a total of 23.6 square miles and has an estimated population of 34,392. North Ridgeville is the fastest-growing city in northern Ohio. The current mayor of North Ridgeville is Kevin Corcoran.

Contact the Mayor

Kevin Corcoran
Phone: 440-353-0819
Email: [email protected]

Inmate Record Check

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